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Parentage in Orange County

(also referred to as Paternity)

The Purpose of the Uniform Parental Act

Establishing Paternity

The Uniform Parentage Act

Paternity can be established in several different ways. The important thing to note is that if the biological mother is denying visitation, it is important to immediately file a paternity action to perserve parental rights. This applies even if the petitioner is the biological father. 
The Uniform Parentage Act can be found in California Family Code Section 7600 et. seq .  This section of law provides guidelines and procedures for establishing paternity in a court of law.
One of the initial purposes of the Uniform Parental Act was to legitimize children regardless of the marital status of the parents. 

An Interested Party May Challenge Paternity Within Two Years of Child's Birth

The Spouse is A Presumed Parent

Visitation Before the Final Judgment on Paternity

If two people are married and living together, it is conclusively presumed that the husband is the parent of the child as long as the father is not impotent or sterile.  California Family Code Section 7540
If the wife is married at the time that a child is born and the husband is not sterile, the husband is deemed the father of the child unless a notice for blood tests is filed within two years of the child's birth by any interested party. 
In paternity proceedings, a court may make temporary visitation orders before the final judgment for paternity if they find that the alleged father tested positive as the child's father or the custody and visitation order is in the best interest of the child. 

Presumption of Parentage
There are several ways in which parentage can be established:
  1. When the parents are married, it is at the time of the child's birth;
  2. When the child is born within 300 days afer a marriage that is terminated by death, annulment, delcaration of invalidity, divorce, or judgment of separation;
  3. Before the child's birth, if there is an attempt to solemnize a marriage;
  4. After the child's birth, if the parents marry or attempt to marry and
    • the presumed parent's name is on the birth certificate
    • there is an obligation to support the child either by a written promise or by court order;
  5. The presumed parent holds the child out as his or her natural child; or
  6. The parent signs a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity.


I am not married and my former girlfirend is pregnant with our child. What do I do if she will not acknowledge that I am the father?

Where can I sign a Voluntary Paternity Declaration?

I could not sign the Voluntary Paternity Declaration at the hospital, now what? 

If the parents of a baby are not married, a voluntary declaration of paternity may be signed at a hospital. 
Voluntary declarations may also be obtained from the following:
  • A child support agency
  • The Registrars Office
  • Facilitators Offices in California
  • Social Services Departments
  • Licensed hospitals
A father who anticipates that he will be excluded from the child's life, must take steps to insure that he parentage is established. The first thing he can do before a child is born is pay for medical bills. After the child is born he must do everything he can to try to see the baby, and he must file a paternity petition in court.   

Can I get child support if paternity has not been established?

Can I file a paternity petition before the child is born?

Child support is available after paternity is established. Once a person is declared the father, he will not only be required to pay child support, he also be allowed to have visitation and custody with the minor child. 
A paternity case can be started before or after a child is born. However, in some circumstances it must be started before the child is two.