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If you have a crises in your life, chances are, you need a divorce attorney.  Whether it is child support , child custody , property division , or spousal support , Trevino Law can help you through.  Trevino Law is dedicated to helping individuals through the divorce process. If you are facing a divorce, it is important to contact an attorney even before the divorce petition is filed. 
Child Custody in Orange County
Child custody is an important issue in California. Custody is based upon the best interest of the minor children. The court will consider the health, safety, and welfare of the minor children in its determination of the children's best interest. Another factor the court favors is having the minor children spend time with both parents.  A judge will look to see which parent can foster the minor children having continuing contact with both parents.
Obtaining Support in California
Orange County Divorce Attorney
Spousal support and child support can usually be obtained in a divorce in Orange County. If one party is earning more money than the other party, he or she will most likely pay support to the other party.  In most cases, both child and spousal support are ordered.
Divorce issues can be complex in California. Many people feel like they have a good grasp on the law only to learn that they do not completely understand it or do not understand the procedure associated with divorce issues. If you need help with a custody, support, or property division issue, contact Trevino Law at (949) 716-2012
Property Division Upon Divorce
Property division is based upon whether or not the property is deemend community property in Orange County or separate property under California law. Community property is divided equally and separate property is awarded to the spouse who owns the separate property.

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Finding the right divorce attorney in the dissolution process is important when the parties cannot resolve their differences. 
 A good divorce lawyer has the following characteristics:
  • Knowledgeable: A knowledgeable family law lawyer will help you navigate the legal process and provide you with the information necessary to make intelligent decisions about your case.

  • Attentive: A divorce attorney who is able to hear your desires and move towards your goals is essential in getting through the divorce.  

  • Communicator: A good communicator is critical to the practice of family law. Not only is an attorney communicating with you as the client, the attorney must communicate with the opposing counsel and most importantly the judge.

  • Goal Oriented: A goal oriented family law lawyer is one who puts your goals first, rather than her own goals. 

  • Trustworthy: It is important that a you trust your dissolution attorney. If you cannot trust your attorney, you should not hire her to walk with you through one of the most difficult times in your life. 

  • Committed: A committed divorce attorney will provide you effective representation at minimal costs.

  • Aggressive: An aggressive family law attorney helps foster a good settlement. However, aggression must be balanced with reasonableness so that a divorce can be settled expeditiously and litigated when necessary. 

  • Strategic:  A strategic divorce attorney will discuss goals with you as well as ways to work towards achieving those goals.

  • Experienced: An attorney who has practiced family law in Orange County knows the divorce judges and can appreciate their nuances.

If you are like most people, when there is a crises in your life, you may not know where to turn for good, reasonable legal advice.  If you are considering a divorce and need a good divorce lawyer, contact Trevino Law, Inc.
Trevino Law understands that family and relationship problems can be emotionally draining when the relationship is challenged. Trevino Law provides clear, simple advice to ensure that clients fully understand all options available so that an informed, balanced decision is made in the divorce process. 
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In the state of California, a divorce takes six months and a day from the date the the opposing party is served. A judgment cannot be entered before that date.  However, if the divorce is not resolved, it can be entered after that date.
Legal separation is the similar to a divorce in that it requires a petition and a response.  It requires a judgment. The main difference is that when a judgment is entered for legal separation, the parties are still married and cannot marry third-parties.
An annulled marriage is the act of a court stating that the marriage is invalid. It is based upon statutory factors such as fraud, underage consent or other factors. An annulment may only be decreed by a court meaning that the parties cannot agree to have their marriage annulled.




The court favors both parents being involved with the minor children and will look to the well-being of the children. 
Spousal support is based upon the marital standard of living. The court looks to numerous factors to determine how much spousal support to award. 
Child support is based upon several factors including the income of both parents and the amount of time that the children spend with each parent. 




Community property is divided equally and awarded to each spouse. However, if the spouses reach an agreement, the spouses are not required to divide each asset in half. Rather, the parties can buy out each other's interest in particular assets. 
Often one spouse would like to keep the business. If so, then the other spouse will be paid half the value for the business if it is community property. In that case an expert is sometimes hired to analyze and determin the value of the business.
Legal custody is the right for a parent to make legal decisions for a minor child.  Among other things, legal decisions include where to go to school, whether or not to get counseling, which doctor to visit, religion, etc.
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